Financial Aid Services

Elevate Financial Aid Administration with Compliance-Focused Software From DJA

As financial aid administration grows more complex, technology plays a pivotal role in operational efficiency and regulatory standards. Harnessing the power of technology to offer a user-friendly experience, DJA’s New Leaf software platform is a web-based solution that streamlines financial aid processing and meets rigorous regulations. Developed in-house to help schools maintain compliance with federal financial aid regulations, New Leaf is a testament to DJA’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the financial aid industry.

Key Features of New Leaf

New Leaf isn’t just financial aid software—it’s a solution that can powerfully automate back-end financial aid administration tasks, upholds regulatory standards, and offers real-time insights into expected cash flows.

Real-Time Updates

Make better decisions. Stay informed with real-time updates on expected cash flow, ensuring optimal financial planning and management.

Automated Financial Aid Administration

Get more done with less. From assessing Pell Grant eligibility to managing loan origination, New Leaf’s automation minimizes manual intervention and the potential for errors, ensuring a streamlined operational workflow.

Comprehensive Compliance Assurance

Engineered to integrate a wide range of standards, New Leaf maintains your school’s adherence to regulation standards through built-in compliance measures, proactive updates, and real-time visibility.

Seamless Integration

Designed for compatibility, New Leaf integrates effortlessly with your existing school information system, creating a unified and efficient administrative platform across all platforms.

User-Friendly Interface

With its intuitive and cohesive design, New Leaf ensures that even those new to financial aid administration can access and navigate the software with ease.

Scalable SaaS Flexibility

Embrace scalability with New Leaf’s SaaS model, offering easy integration or standalone use. Its cloud-based structure simplifies updates and adaptation, meeting your evolving financial aid administration needs efficiently.

Why Choose DJA's Financial Aid Software Solutions

With regulatory landscapes in constant flux, New Leaf ensures your school complies with all federal regulations. New Leaf delivers immediate updates on cash flow to facilitate strategic financial planning, revolutionizing financial aid administration by streamlining complex processes.

When you partner with DJA, you get a trusted partner committed to helping you achieve your financial aid goals. Our customer-centric approach ensures a seamless partnership, where every interaction is geared towards enhancing your school’s financial aid administration capabilities.

New Leaf is a testament to our ability to deliver customized compliance-driven financial aid solutions with dedicated support at every step. Designed to provide schools with the assurance of operational effectiveness, DJA’s financial aid software is a reflection of an over 35-year journey in partnership with higher education schools.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Harness the benefits of a software solution developed by professionals with specialized experience in the financial aid sector.

Continuous Innovation

Regularly updated with the latest features and standards to meet the evolving needs of the financial aid industry.

Customer-Centric Approach

Designed with the end user in mind, New Leaf ensures a seamless experience tailored to the unique needs of each school.

Enhanced Data Security Measures at DJA

At DJA, we go above and beyond to implement comprehensive data security measures, ensuring the highest level of protection for your sensitive information. Here’s a closer look at the practices we adhere to:

Secure Disposal of Decommissioned Machines

All decommissioned machine hard disks undergo thorough data wiping using software such as DBAN. Once wiped, the hard disks are physically removed from machines before disposal or repurposing by our dedicated information technology team.

Confidential Information Disposal

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is disposed of securely after adhering to any applicable retention periods. DJA maintains a paperless environment, ensuring that all records are managed electronically.

Secure Information Transfer

Sensitive information transfer to and from DJA is conducted through ShareFile, a FIPS-compliant platform secured by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Additionally, Microsoft 365 OME Encryption is employed for all internal email communications to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Cloud Hosting and Backup Strategies

Data stored in our private cloud, including AWS for DJA and New Leaf, is hosted with georedundant snapshotting, continuous backups, and encryption at rest. Core data from AWS is backed up to Microsoft Azure Backup, ensuring data redundancy and recovery options.

Network Security

DJA employs Cisco ASA to secure its networks, incorporating deep packet inspection and standard firewall functions. Automated alerts are generated by the firewall in response to suspicious activity, and our team diligently reviews the logs.

Our IT team utilizes the CyberCNS tool to perform annual audits that include pre and post-remediation scans. The same tool is deployed to continuously monitor risk against the NIST 800-171 standards and complete bi-annual penetration testing.

AWS Security Features

For New Leaf data, direct database access is restricted to specific Amazon resources. Amazon Aurora hosts the ANL database, securing it with features like continuous backups with point-in-time restore, snapshotting with backtracking, and encryption at rest. Amazon Cloudflare acts as an intermediary, allowing controlled access from our private cloud to the public internet.

Transform Your Institution with DJA's New Leaf Software

At DJA Financial Aid Services, we’re committed to excellence in financial aid servicing, ensuring that schools can focus on what truly matters. In a world where efficiency is paramount, New Leaf stands out as the gold standard in financial aid software solutions.

DJA understands regulatory complexities and the need for technology to solve modern challenges. With over three decades as a leader in the financial aid industry, DJA can help revolutionize your financial aid administration with an innovative software solution purpose-built for success.

Transform your school’s financial aid administration with New Leaf. Reach out to DJA today to explore the unparalleled capabilities of New Leaf and discover how our financial aid services and compliance-focused solutions can empower your school.