• DJA completes a thorough financial aid file review on every student receiving funding through your institution, ensuring accurate calculations, detailed records and clean audits.
  • We facilitate quick and accurate turn around of federal funds, allowing schools to promptly receive needed cash flow.
  • Streamlined finance management means schools are able to focus on turning leads into actual enrollments, thus increasing overall profitability.
  • Implementing a system of checks and balances to ensure USDE compliance means our clients experience long-term reduction in costs.
  • DJA trains and educates college staff in the field of financial aid, as well as current USDE regulations, reducing chronic staff turnover  and further lowering institutional costs.
  • We manage financial aid processing and provide quick, accurate solutions to pertinent issues and special situations, fostering peace of mind.

In reviewing the growth of our clients, as well as the many benefits they enjoy as a result of our services, we believe you will find DJA’s financial aid servicing (FAS) to be an ideal solution for your institution’s financial aid administration requirements.

DJA prides itself on providing personalized service with professional results. We look forward to offering our services to you and your staff in the near future.