2023 DJA Webinars

FEB 22 Consumer Information, Record Keeping and Disclosures
MAR 1 Administrative Capabilities
APR 13 Satisfactory Academic Progress
MAY 17 Return of Title IV Funds (Including LOA)
JUN 14 General Participation Requirements
JUL 12 Campus Crime Report
AUG 2 Entrance and Exit Counseling
SEPT 6 Cash Management
OCT 4 Enrollment Reporting Using NSLDS
NOV 1 Program Integrity (Audits, Program Review)
DEC 6 1098-T Reporting

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Webinars are free to Clients. There is a $45 fee for all others who may be interested in joining us for these presentations. To register for our web-based training, please contact Renee Ford at 1-800-242-0977 or email her directly at rford@gotodja.com.

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