Pell Grant

  • Determine Pell eligibility
  • 48-hour turn around on electronic ISIRs
  • Origination processing
  • Prompt recording of Pell disbursements
  • Electronic accounting ledgers
  • Monitored authorization levels

Direct Loan

  • Determine loan eligibility
  • Create/transmit loan origination
  • Request funds using G5
  • Update origination records
  • Monthly cash reconciliation

Optional Services

  • Return to Title IV refund processing
  • Automatic ISIR processing
  • NSLDS processing
  • Title IV support for FWS, SEOG, Perkins and the TEACH grant

Financial Aid Training

DJA offers our service and contract consulting clients financial aid training sessions at no additional cost. Institutions not currently clients of DJA may attend our sessions for a small fee. For additional information on training dates, times, locations and topics, please see the Upcoming DJA Training & Exhibition Schedule. DJA can also conduct specific training sessions for institutions at their locations. These sessions can be tailored to meet school-specific objectives, with rates based on the type and duration of training required.

Web-Based Training

DJA also offers free monthly webinars for all of our clients.

These webinars will allow the financial aid staff to stay up-to-date without conference travel costs. We are very excited about this opportunity for our clients. Each session will consist of financial aid updates with a major topic to be covered in depth.

To register for the Web-based training, please contact Kim Onderek at (800) 242-0977, or email her at

Financial Aid Consulting

DJA offers both per-incident and fixed-rate contract financial aid consulting services. These services assist those schools and colleges who wish to keep their financial aid administration in-house, but would like either ongoing or on-call support as a means to maintain compliance and enhance their overall financial aid administration.

For a fixed monthly fee, an institution can receive the following:

  • Toll-free support for prompt replies to your financial aid questions.
  • A comprehensive procedures manual to assist with financial aid administration.
  • Access to DJA’s financial aid training sessions and webinars.

Finally, DJA recognizes that there are instances when per-incident consulting is required, such as prior to an audit or program review. DJA offers per-incident consulting either at our offices or at the client’s location.

USDE Eligibility and Certification Assistance

For those institutions already approved by an accrediting agency, but not yet approved for Title IV funding, DJA offers USDE certification and eligibility assistance. Based on our years of experience, this assistance can often prevent a long, frustrating wait for eligibility and certification information.