Evaluating Your Present System

Questions to help you evaluate your current financial aid system and future needs:

  1. Has your present system or servicer kept up with the recent changes in the Department of Education e.g. COD, NSLDS, other reporting requirements?
  2. Are you comfortable with the support and problem solving capabilities of your current financial aid servicer or in-house financial aid staff?
  3. Does your current system or servicer give top priority to ongoing service e.g. toll-free phone support, free financial aid training sessions and up-to-date client memos explaining the new regulations?
  4. Does your current system or servicer offer other related services e.g. optional PC software to be used at your location, USDE eligibility and certification assistance, and on-site financial aid training/consulting?
  5. Does your current system or servicer offer the following financial and fiscal support services:
    • Award letter generation
    • Student budget development assistance
    • Financial aid packaging
    • NSLDS review
    • Crossover year student monitoring
    • Verification of statement of compliance prior to disbursement
    • Complete verification (request appropriate tax return and check for supporting documents and accuracy)
    • Pell data entry into COD
    • Pell YTD report
    • GAPS funding and reconciliation
    • Cash requests
    • Check writing
    • Bank reconciliations
    • ERR reporting (formerly known as SSCR reporting)

6. Are the following Services available from your system or servicer:

    • Return to Title IV refund processing
    • Automatic ISIR processing
    • NSLDS processing
    • Title IV support for FWS
    • SEOG
    • Perkins

7. For Direct Loan processing, does your system or servicer:

    • Determine loan eligibility
    • Create/transmit the loan origination record electronically
    • Export/import origination acknowledgments
    • Call in funds and write checks
    • Update origination records and perform monthly cash reconciliation

Now tally up your answers . . .

If you have answered “no” more times than you wanted to the above questions, you need to investigate FAS (Financial Aid Servicing) from DJA today!  With DJA, your institution will have a valuable system of checks and balances on your financial aid administration, which may limit your liability in a program review or audit.

As a client of DJA Financial Aid Services, Inc., you will receive:

  • Toll-free support
  • Detailed memos on new financial aid regulations
  • Access to DJA’s financial aid training sessions and monthly webinars

Upon request, DJA is more than willing to provide a detailed proposal for your institution.  For more information, get in touch with us at (800) 242-0977, or email us at djainfo@gotodja.com.

*Subject to change