Quick Turnaround

“We have been processing with DJA for over 15 years and have always been impressed by their commitment to customer support and client education. Their on-site training and yearly seminars have kept our staff fluent in the ever-changing [vocabulary] of financial aid. We process electronically with DJA and experience a quick turnaround time on our award letters and payments. As the president of our seven institutions, I have always felt secure with DJA as our servicer.”

Dick Shepard, President, Heritage College

Smooth Operations

“When I think of DJA, I think of the peace of mind I have gained in knowing our files are completed accurately and our schools are in compliance with current USDE regulations. We have had DJA as our servicer for nearly 20 years now and as president of our schools, I appreciate that things continue to run smoothly. I know if I need something right away, like for an upcoming audit, I can count on DJA to get me the information immediately. I would highly recommend DJA as a financial aid servicer to any institution.”

Mark Oswald, President, Iowa School of Beauty