USDE plans to release the Net Price Calculator template for 2013-2014 data in late January or early February. Monitor the IFAP web site for the announcement.


Institutions should update their calculator on an annual basis when new data becomes available to do so. Please note that cost of attendance data and grant aid data should align and be from the same year. Institutions using the Department template will need to update their NPC after the Department posts updated versions for each award year.


The Net Price Calculator Quick Start Guide is designed to walk you through the basic steps required to configure and host a customized version of the U.S. Department of Education’s Net Price Calculator application on your institution’s website. A glossary of key terms related to the Net Price Calculator template is also included to assist you with correctly inputting data and setting up your institution’s calculator. Links are provided to access the Quick Start Guide for use with either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox in printable, PDF format.


For more information:


DJA Clients: DJA will send out a client memo once the USDE template is available with instructions on how we may assist you with this requirement.

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