The Department further delays, until July 1, 2015, the implementation date for certain State authorization regulations for institutions of postsecondary education whose State authorization does not meet the requirements of these regulations, so long as the State is establishing an acceptable authorization process that is to take effect by the delayed implementation date.

This further extension is provided for institutions in order to allow States additional time to finalize processes for those institutions to be able to comply with the State authorization provisions in Sec. 600.9(a) and (b). Those provisions apply to an institution separately with respect to each State in which the institution has a main or additional location offering at least 50% of an eligible educational program.

In order for an institution that cannot meet the State authorization requirements to receive an extension until July 1, 2015 to implement Sec. 600.9(a) and (b), the institution must obtain an explanation from the state with information on timeline and action steps to ensure compliance, as well as how an additional one-year extension will permit the State to finalize its procedures to be in compliance with amended Sec. 600.9. The explanation must be provided to Department staff upon request.

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