In a November 13, 2013, Electronic Announcement FSA described the process where, beginning on January 1,
2014, institutions must report the verification results of identity and high school completion status for applicants
whose 2014-2015 ISIR had a Verification Tracking Group of V4 or V5.
This Electronic Announcement provides clarification on (1) which FAFSA applicants institutions must report
on, (2) the conditions for each Identity Verification Results value, and (3) when results must be reported. As a
reminder, reporting an applicant’s response to an institution’s request for V4 and V5 identity and high school
completion status documentation is in addition to, and does not replace, normal required verification status
results reporting to the COD System.

FAFSA Applicants

Reporting verification results for groups V4 and V5 is required only when the institution has received an ISIR
that indicates that the Department has placed the applicant in Verification Tracking Group V4 or V5 AND the
institution has requested that the applicant submit the required V4 and V5 documentation. Institutions should
not report applicants where the institution and not the Department selected the applicant for verification nor for
applicants for whom the institution did not request documentation (e.g., institution’s policy is not to request
documentation for applicants who are not enrolled or who have not been accepted for enrollment).

Conditions for Each Identity Verification Results Value

The following describes the circumstances that apply for each of the V4 and V5 verification results values that
are used when reporting using FAA Access to CPS Online.

Please refer to the Federal Register notice published on June 13, 2013, for information on acceptable documentation for verification of both identity and high school completion for 2014-2015.

When Must Results Be Reported

The 2014-2015 Federal Register notice (to be published soon) provides the deadline dates for reports and other records associated with the 2014-2015 award year. Reporting of the results of an applicant’s identity and high school completion status using FAA Access to CPS Online must be submitted no later than 60 days after the date the institution requested that the applicant provide the required documentation. Because the Federal Register notice has not yet been published, institutions will have until 60 days after the date the Federal Register
is published to submit their first 2014-2015 reporting.

Note that institutions must update any V4 and V5 results that change. For example, if a “5” was reported
because the applicant had not responded to the institution’s request, and the applicant later submitted the
required documentation, the institution must submit another record for the applicant with the updated status.

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