Your students can now view their financial aid history on They will simply log in using their federal student aid PIN to access their information from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS®).

Once logged in to their My Federal Student Aid account, they will be able to:

  • view their federal student aid history, including loan detail, grant detail, and overpayment detail;
  • get their loan servicer’s contact information;
  • find out how much Pell Grant eligibility they have left; and
  • download their federal student aid history into a text file using the MyData Download function.


The site, including this new feature, is also completely accessible on tablets and smartphones.

IMPORTANT: The NSLDS Student Access site will continue to be available and student aid recipients should continue to visit exclusively to:

  • update their address,
  • submit an enrollment change,
  • complete TEACH exit counseling, and
  • provide an organization authorization to their account. 

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