Under the final gainful employment regulations published in the October 31st Federal Register, you will have until July 31, 2015 to report data on students who were enrolled in their gainful employment programs for the prior six years (08/09; 09/10; 10/11; 11/12; 12/13 & 13/14).


Schools will report, for each student enrolled in a GE program during an award year who received title IV, HEA program funds for enrolling in that program:


(1) Information needed to identify the student and the institution the student attended;

(2) The name, CIP code, credential level, and length of the GE program;

(3) Whether the GE program is a medical or dental program whose students are required to complete an internship or residency;

(4) The date the student initially enrolled in the GE program;

(5) The student’s attendance dates and attendance status in the GE program during the award year; and

(6) The student’s enrollment status as of the first day of the student’s enrollment in the GE program.

Further, if the student completed or withdrew from the GE program during the award year, the institution will report:

(1) The date the student completed or withdrew;

(2) The total amount the student received from private education loans for enrollment in the GE program that the institution is, or should reasonably be, aware of;

(3) The total amount of institutional debt the student owes any party after completing or withdrawing from the GE program;

(4) The total amount for tuition and fees assessed the student for the student’s entire enrollment in the program; and

(5) The total amount of allowances for books, supplies, and equipment included in the student’s title IV, Cost of Attendance for each award year in which the student was enrolled in the program, or a higher amount if assessed by the institution to the student.


USDE provided the following response in the Federal register to concerns that the reporting requirements would be very burdensome and that the reporting requirements would duplicate reporting that institutions already provide.


Although there is some overlap with current enrollment reporting and reporting for the purposes of the 150 percent Direct Subsidized Loan Limits, those data do not include award years prior to 2014-2015, nor do they include several data elements required for the calculation of D/E rates, including institutional debt, private education loan debt, tuition and fees, and allowance for books and supplies.


Allocating resources to meet the reporting requirements is an individual institution’s administrative decision. Some institutions may need to hire new staff, others will redirect existing staff, and still others will not need to make staffing changes because they have highly automated reporting systems.”


In order to minimize burden, the Department will provide training to institutions on the new reporting requirements, provide a format for reporting, and, so that institutions have sufficient time to submit their data for the first reporting period, enable NSLDS to accept reporting from institutions beginning several months prior to the July 31, 2015, deadline.


USDE intends to revise the GE OperationManual and the NSLDS GE User Guide to reflect the current regulations and will provide ongoing technical support to institutions regarding compliance with the reporting requirements.

DJA wants to remind you that this is required of all schools that participate in Title IV aid! Institutions have eight months (July 31, 2015) to get this accomplished so it is in your best interest to start gathering the required information now.

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