As a reminder, schools must update their GE program disclosure information annually. They must make it prominently available in their promotional materials and make it prominent, readily accessible, clear, conspicuous, and directly available on any Web page containing academic, cost, financial aid, or admissions information about a GE program.


If your school offers a GE program in more than one program length, you must publish a separate disclosure template for each length of the program.


You are also required to provide, as a separate document, a copy of the disclosure information to a prospective student. Before the student signs an enrollment agreement, completes registration at, or makes a financial commitment to your school, you must obtain written acknowledgement from the student that he or she received the copy of the disclosure information.


The current deadline for updating the disclosures for each of your GE programs to reflect the 2013-2014 award year is January 31, 2015. You must use the USDE’s updated Disclosure Template available at Be sure to review the GE Disclosure Template Quick Start Guide (also found at this site) to assist you in using the GE Disclosure Template. Once the form is complete, the template application will generate a zip file containing the GE Program’s disclosure page, which you will host on your school’s own website.


Please direct any technical questions regarding the GE Disclosure Template to the Help Desk toll-free at (855) 359-3697 or Policy questions about the gainful employment disclosure requirements should be submitted to the GE Questions mailbox at

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