In October 2013, Federal Student Aid implemented a change in which a CPS data-matching process is in place when a school completes a credit check via the COD Web site. More information about this change is posted in an attachment to an October 18, 2013 Electronic Announcement. Federal Student Aid will match CPS data across all active award years on file; however, if a borrower only has data for 2014-2015, Federal Student Aid will not be able to perform the CPS match until after the COD System implementation for the 2014-2015 Award Year planned for April 2014. If the borrower has data for multiple award years, the CPS match should be able to be performed.


If a school cannot delay credit check processing until April 2014, it may want to consider having borrowers complete a Direct PLUS Loan application via the Web site (credit checks are completed during the PLUS request process and not dependent on the CPS-matching process).


Information about the April 2014 COD System implementation will be provided in a forthcoming Electronic Announcement.

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