In an electronic announcement dated November 8, 2013, USDE provided suggested text for each of the required 2014–2015 verification items. While use of the suggested text fulfills the regulatory verification requirements, except as noted below, schools are not required to use the Department’s suggested text and formats. Instead, you may develop and use your own text, forms, documents, statements, and certifications that are specific to the items required to be verified for a particular student or group of students. The one exception is that institutions must use the exact language provided in the “Statement of Educational Purpose” for students who are placed in Verification Tracking Groups V4 or V5.


The use of a comprehensive verification worksheet that includes all or most of the possible 2014–2015 verification items would suggest to students that all of the items on the worksheet need to be verified, adding unnecessary complexity to the financial aid application process as well as significant unneeded burden on students and families.


The use of a comprehensive worksheet could also delay notification of awards and perhaps even disbursement as students and their families struggle to provide documentation for items for which verification is not needed.


To require all selected students to verify all items would also add burden to schools, particularly the need to resolve conflicts between ISIR information that is not required to be verified but that schools obtain from verification documentation.


For example, a student whose Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) indicates Verification Tracking Group V3 would only be required to document proof of child support paid and would not be required to verify other items.


Also, students selected for Verification Tracking Groups V1, V4, V5, or V6, SNAP and Child Support Paid are listed as required for verification; however, students in those groups should not be asked to verify those items if they were not included on the student’s ISIR.


Similarly, some students who are selected for Verification Tracking Groups V1, V5, or V6 are not required to verify number of household members if:

  • For a dependent student, the household size included on the ISIR is “2” and the student’s parent is single, separated, divorced, or widowed; or the household size is “3” and the parents are married.
  • For an independent student, the household size included on the ISIR is “1” and the student is single, separated, divorced, or widowed; or the household size is “2” and the student is married.


Verification of the number of household members enrolled at least half time in eligible postsecondary institutions is not required when the number included on the ISIR is “1.”

For detailed information about the 2014-2015 verification suggested text including 2014-2015 Suggested Verification Text, a Table of 2014-2015 Verification Items, a Chart of Verification Tracking Groups-FAFSA Information to be Verified and an Example 2014–2015 Institutional Verification Document please use this link:



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