USDE Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration training workshops are scheduled for October 2013 through September 2014. Each in-person workshop is four and one-half days in length and is conducted at one of the Department of Education’s regional training facilities.


Please note that all participants wishing to register for and attend a Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration workshop must first successfully complete an online course titled Introduction to Federal Student Aid. The online course may take up to 20 hours to complete, so please plan accordingly.


If your school meets either of the following criteria, you must attend the Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration training:


  • Your school is applying to participate in the Title IV federal student aid programs for the first time, and needs to fulfill the Fundamentals training requirement to complete your certification, or
  • Your school is undergoing a change of ownership (in some instances).


Questions about these requirements should be directed to the regional School Participation Division office that serves your school. Contact information can be found on the Electronic Application for Approval to Participatein the Federal Student Financial Aid Programs (E-App) home page. Individuals who do not meet the criteria as outlined above but wish to attend as a refresher or as basic training on the Title IV programs may also attend.


For detailed information about the Training Workshop requirements, the schedule, location and registration please see the DCL at

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