FSA introduces a new phone line for the financial aid community that provides the option of calling one number, 1-855-FSA-4-FAA (1-855-372-4322), to reach the following 10 FSA School Contact Centers:


  • Campus-Based Call Center
  • COD School Relations Center
  • CPS/SAIG Technical Support
  • eZ-Audit Help Desk
  • Federal Student Aid Research and Customer Care Center (RCCC)
  • Foreign Schools Participation Division
  • G5 Hotline
  • NSLDS Customer Support Center
  • Nelnet Total and Permanent Disability Servicer
  • School Eligibility Service Group


Reach FSA was created in response to requests from financial aid administrators who asked for simplified access to FSA’s multiple School Contact Centers. This new resource helps callers (including school personnel, third-party servicer personnel, software provider personnel, guaranty agencies, lenders, and lender servicers) identify the appropriate Contact Center to address their questions and then transfer them to that Contact Center’s current Interactive Voice Response (IVR) unit. This number should not be shared with students or borrowers.


Reach FSA is voice-activated only, and when calling, users may say the name of the Contact Center they wish to reach at any time without waiting until the end of the message. Alternatively, callers may choose to listen to brief descriptions of each Contact Center or potential reasons for calling to help identify the appropriate Contact Center to address their inquiry. Once the caller has identified the Contact Center, the caller should immediately speak the name of that Contact Center to be transferred.

Each of the 10 FSA School Contact Centers will retain its current phone number, and personnel may continue to call each Contact Center directly if they choose.

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